Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm back

Hello Blog-Land,

I have returned to blogging. I finally managed to finish my pesky degree and find a year's worth of work. I am actually super-dooper lucky and have a beautiful Kindergarten/Year One class for twelve months. I am incredibly fortunate.

Ritchie and I have moved to the country and are currently residing in the little town of Boggabilla, which is in North-West NSW,  next to the Queensland border. We have a great little unit here and are really enjoying living here, it is so exciting to have a new place to organise and decorate. As a New South Welsh-woman, it does feel a little strange to be closer to Brisbane, than Sydney, but I am sure I will adjust.

I hope to find time to get back into craft, I have to sew 'chair-bags' for my classroom, so I will undoubtedly post about the 'fun' that will ensue when I try and sew again, after quite an extended hiatus.

I feel like there are just so many things that I have to share, well there will be many more entries to follow, of that I am certain.

Love, E.

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