Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'Postcrossing' Stash-Building.

I've just done a teensy-weensy bit of shopping, to build my 'Postcrossing' postcard stash. SO excited. Check 'em out.

Seriously, who doesn't heart the Book Depository
Cheap prices and free international postage. Woo Hoo! 

I never, ever buy my books anywhere else. 
Quite simply, the Book Depository is awesome. 


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Currently Reading: 'The Hobbit' JRR Tolkien.


  1. I love Book Depository and I love your picks! I'm pining for these few postcard sets lately; Romance Pulp, Tree Show, Photobooth Postcard Set, Elliot Erwitt & Postcard

    I've just started some part time work so postcard buying sprees will be often I hope!

  2. Ohh I love your choices too.

    I went a little bit postcard crazy and bought another four, (in addition to the four I blogged about) sets.

    So I'm currently anticipating the arrival of eight sets. Oops and Yay!

    I'll never need to buy postcards again.

    Additionally, I'm soooooooo jealous of your Tasmanian residency. I would love to live in Tassie.