Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wow oh Wow! and 30 Things.

Bloggy Hell! I haven't posted in a million years 
(Yes I LOVE Hyperbole!) 
I have excuses, quite a few actually. 

We had Ritchie's citizenship ceremony, which was lovely. The planned Afternoon Tea went off without a hitch, except for the fact that I forgot to take any photos of all the beautiful food. Thankfully Ritchie's Mum managed to snap a photo. Please excuse the wonky candle in the 'George Jensen' Cadelabra in the  background.

Additionally Ritchie and I live in my Nan's old house, and due to our level of poverty are still using a fair bit of her furniture.

In addition to the citizenship ceremony on the 3/11/10, I was meant to take my car in for a service. I plum forgot. 
Sorry Adamstown Car Doctors - I will phone and apologise on Monday.

I've also had a metric tonne of University work to complete, which is all done and dusted as of yesterday. I have one exam to go for the year. I've also enrolled in a required History course, which I've put off doing about ten times (it's really weird, because I actually LOVE History). 
I'll be doing this course over the summer University break. 

So those are my excuses, pretty lame, but there you have it. I've decided to do a bit of a '30 Things' post, you'll get the general gist of it once I've started.

30 Things 
I'm looking forward to reading/seeing/achieving/being/learning/etc.
 (These aren't in any order)

Reading 'Hitch 22' by Christopher Hitchens
Travelling to and through Africa
Travelling to Japan
Seeing my parents leave on their trip through Europe, the UK and to NYC.(I am so excited for them.)
Having my hair cut and coloured by a hair-dresser
Learning Calligraphy
Learning to draw
Experimenting with the water-colours I purchased
Making beautiful quilts for mine and Ritchie's bed
Buying pieces of furniture I have been long-lusting-over.

Finishing UNI! WOO HOO!
Working in Western NSW
Buying some exquisite Indigenous Australian Art
Improving the quality of the photographs that I take
Learning the secrets of interior design and styling
Cooking BIG meals for my BRILLIANT immediate family
My wonderful little brother meeting someone just as wonderful (no pressure though Samuel)
Ritchie and I buying a beautiful home
Buying a new car, one devoid of rust would be awesome
Being able to buy a new pair of glasses

Receiving postcards and emails from my beautiful parents on their travels
Seeing my little Molly start school
Hoping Meggie takes her spot in the O.C class @ Jewells P.S
Seeing Lucas start High-School
Getting a Teaching 'pay-slip'
Having my own BRILLIANT classroom
Meeting the students who will make up my first ever very own class
Not having to worry about eftpos 'approving' at the checkout
Travelling through Europe with my bestie Ritchie
Getting older and angrier at the world with Ritchie

There you have it 30 things.
Over and Out.


Currently listening to: 'Places Like This' Architecture in Helsinki.
Currently Reading: 'Midnight's Children' Salman Rushdie.

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