Friday, October 8, 2010

More often than not.

This is perhaps the third or fourth time I have attempted to establish a blog. My inability to maintain the momentum necessary to regularly update a blog reminds me of my failed attempts at diary keeping as a child. I am someone who enjoys writing, so as you can imagine, I regularly received journals and diaries as gifts. Each new journal was filled with promise. I was going to record my thoughts and feelings successfully in its pages.

Alas, more often than not I would fail - Writing became a chore, I just had such a dull non-eventful childhood. Fortunately I was no Anne Frank.

This time it's different! I'm an adult now and my life is much more interesting. This blog will be all about my much more exciting existence.

It's with a change-of-heart, that I begin blogging. It promises to be stupendous.


I thought I'd share this video, as it really tickled my funny bone.

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Currently Reading: 'Why Orwell Matters'  Christopher Hitchens

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  1. I enjoyed that book! You will have to let me know what you think of his others as you read them!